On-the-ground Support for Ukrainian Citizens (March 2022)

I'm really pleased amplifying the AirBnB idea (originally received via Nancy Mestler Loos) has resulted in many Ukrainians benefiting from direct, personal donations - and has allowed many people to help in a meaningful way. The outpouring of emotion from both sides is truly moving (see some of the many notifications I've received down below).

Articles about / describing this initiative appear in
Design Boom
SiliconRepublic.com and CNET
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Aussiedlerbote (Russian)
Punto Informatico (Italian)
OBSERVADOR (Portuguese)
Nitro (Greek)
Dans Ta Pub (French)

ZAP.aeiou (Portuguese)
Hmarochos (Ukrainian)

Zona De Prensard (Spanish)

Publico (Portuguese)
TAG43 (Italian)
HLN (Dutch)
Yahoo! Style (German)
NIT (Portuguese)
Newsby (Italian)

Smart Travel (Spanish)
Radio MOF (Macedonian)

Radio Vale Do Minho (Portuguese)
WikiArabia (Arabic)

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